Jan. 3rd, 2011

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oh i guess i'll post resolutions too

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i wrote a big rant because i was feeling "hmph" after my sister acted like a negative nancy all new year's ("i don't care about new year's at all it's just another day this is so pointless!!!" she's like that with basically everything), but decided against posting it. however, i still want to make this clear: if there is one quality i cannot stand, it's cynicism. please do not be cynical. it's not the same as being a skeptic--a dose of skepticism is healthy, and more people could stand to take things with a grain of salt and form their own opinions. but i grew up around cynicism, not just from my sister, and not once did i see the benefits.
(to be fair, i guess, my new year's party(?) was depressing in general.)

on a nicer note, this is SO COOL and makes me think of futurama


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