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holiday love meme thing

i don't normally like to do these things unless they let people say something bad about me too (i still say you can give me a ~friendly suggestion~ or something), but i'm in the holiday spiriiit
i've been leaving comments too (spoilers: mine are the stupid ones)

guys i've been so addicted to fable 2 lately. it's way more fun than i expected; i see something that looks fantasyish and assume the worst, but it's really entertaining. i just got out of the spire, which i'm guessing isn't that far (99% of my time has been spent dicking around and doing sidequests). the spire was so cool though maaannnn

i've also been getting into little king's story which AGAIN was so much more awesome than i anticipated. it has a fantastic sense of humor and has surprised me more than once in its themes so far. i hate to be That Guy who has to analyze every story but the morality is cool ok
the music can get kind of grating though

i never really mentioned, but i beat deadly premonition and unwound future, and i finallyyy beat red dead redemption recently. all of these were great! well, yeah, deadly premonition was great in that insane B-movie sort of way, and unwound future... was sort of the same only waaaaaayy less stupid than deadly prem, that game's pretty hard to top
red dead was just great, which i expected out of it. such a good game. damn.

ALSO [ profile] wishwashing got me the humble indie bundle so i'll have to talk about that once i get a chance to play it! GOD I PLAY A LOT OF VIDEO GAMES

i'm trying to get back into actually sharing shit on lj haha, so you know what i haven't done in ages?

MUSIC UPLOADS that's what )

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i'm on chapter 7. i love it. will probably make a spoilers post later.

i've also been playing some diabolical box, which has also been enjoyable, but it's hard to think about right now since last window is overshadowing everything at the moment hahahaha

30 day game meme in 1 day )

man, i don't wanna do these assignments.


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