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some stuff:
-i turned 19 (it was great)
-i started college lol i don't think i ever mentioned here. it's been fun so far. no art this semester, though.
-i have seen scott pilgrim twice and i could still see it again, it's so cool. i like it a lot better than the comics, honestly (though it is sad the characters aren't as developed. i think ramona particularly suffered here).
-i'm not gonna move to dreamwidth or whatever, but i am gonna be a bit more locked up. not like i'm not pretty f-locked already.
- is really addicting goddamn. you guys should play it. (i'm buffdrinklots duhh)
-i've been playing deadly premonition and it's hysterical. the dungeon designs, however, are legit spooky (but the enemy sound effects kinda kill it ahahaha), and it does have some interesting elements that make me interested in seeing how it turns out. it certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, though (but i always appreciate that).
-[ profile] tigerboat and i have been watching doctor who (2005). it's really great, i'm all into it. we just got to where tennant comes in. i was kind of surprised that it's so... unserious. i mean, i didn't expect it to be real serious, exactly, but i guess i'm just so used to sci-fi being all hard-boiled and generic that i assumed the same thing for this. it's really creative and funny, though.
-i really thought there was something else (that i can mention publicly) but i can't remember

anyway, it's been ages since i've done an art post

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ur gay

May. 22nd, 2010 02:32 am
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