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i've been really tired lately and it's hard to think about anything other than school. but if i can just survive one more week, then i'll be on break!

i'd like to do a big art dump of everything i've done since i last posted to lj, but that'll take time, and i'm about to go to bed. so in the meantime, here's that 2011 art summary meme everyone does around this time!

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i think i did pretty okay this year, and i can tell that i'm better than i was when the year started. i'm DEEEEEEFINITELY better than i was in 2010, so that's encouraging! i'm looking forward to improving even more in 2012.

the art summary from 2010, for comparison


Nov. 5th, 2011 02:39 pm
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hey guys, if you watched this journal for art then you should probably watch my art tumblr instead!

i basically never update this lj with art anymore (or at all...) so that is a much better way to keep up.
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i am tired of this stuff sitting in my main art folder and wanna get it all sorted, so

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i'm on summer break now, so i finally have more time to draw what i want.
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firstly: if you guys could start calling me "eren" instead of "dox" then that would be cool! i'm still getting used to it, but i think it'll be for the better.

secondly: man, another unproductive month for art. kind of a mix of not feeling like it, and then being too busy when i DO feel like it.

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cool news: [ profile] supercharitygo now has a tumblr! it won't move there or anything, but it will get updates there so as to give it another venue to hopefully(???) attract more people. the lj community itself also underwent a makeover to get rid of that lame default layout. i'm thinking i'll tweak the icons/profile a bit to make it more matchy. ALSO, i made the profile more concise so it's less intimidating for newcomers. ALSO ALSO, people can now do smut because nobody actually cared about that rule (i was just worried about like real people posting their webcam tits or whatever, and i don't know why i didn't think of just going "hey don't do that" in the first place).
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aside from a few other sketches that are crappy and i don't wanna show, that's about it. january was an exceptionally bad month for art.
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haha i hate myself for doing this instead of sleeping

art summary of 2010 )

i think i improved a lot this year!
also, i revived my tumblr and plan on using it to post sketches. it might replace [ profile] baron_beard??
either way, it's at

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Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Tell me anything.

Post anonymously. Speak honestly. Post as many times as you like. IP logging is off.

i'd like to listen.

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it seems like every art person asks this, so i will too: do you like it better when i do big art posts or smaller ones? i hold off on posting art for a really long time because i feel like i have to build up a whole bunch, but maybe people would like it better if i posted it more frequently.

goddd i haven't been in the best mood lately. i dunno. i'm trying to lighten up!

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so i know it's early, but i've been thinking about what i wanna do for you guys for the holidays, and i actually have no idea. i don't wanna do sketch requests with music and cards, since that can get a bit too hectic for christmastime, but the thought of just cutting out the extras and sitting around sketching sounds kind of bland. i have a lot of index cards taking up space, so i COULD do the same thing i did for those ridiculous valentines, which would be simpler and still kind of a cool thing since i could send 'em out to people (though maybe have a "just scan" option for people who don't wanna give me their address). i could also copy [ profile] tigerboat and just do a comic (or something) for everyone rather than a bunch of separate dealies.

I DUNNO. give me your thoughts!

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hey dudes, happy comin' out day
i'm not straight which i think most people know, but i'm also not cis. i haven't said the last part real publicly but i doubt it's gonna be an issue for you folks (and if it is, i dunno what you're doing talking to me)


i don't know what the fuck this is but i'm pretty sure he's a pre-infection boomer
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some stuff:
-i turned 19 (it was great)
-i started college lol i don't think i ever mentioned here. it's been fun so far. no art this semester, though.
-i have seen scott pilgrim twice and i could still see it again, it's so cool. i like it a lot better than the comics, honestly (though it is sad the characters aren't as developed. i think ramona particularly suffered here).
-i'm not gonna move to dreamwidth or whatever, but i am gonna be a bit more locked up. not like i'm not pretty f-locked already.
- is really addicting goddamn. you guys should play it. (i'm buffdrinklots duhh)
-i've been playing deadly premonition and it's hysterical. the dungeon designs, however, are legit spooky (but the enemy sound effects kinda kill it ahahaha), and it does have some interesting elements that make me interested in seeing how it turns out. it certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, though (but i always appreciate that).
-[ profile] tigerboat and i have been watching doctor who (2005). it's really great, i'm all into it. we just got to where tennant comes in. i was kind of surprised that it's so... unserious. i mean, i didn't expect it to be real serious, exactly, but i guess i'm just so used to sci-fi being all hard-boiled and generic that i assumed the same thing for this. it's really creative and funny, though.
-i really thought there was something else (that i can mention publicly) but i can't remember

anyway, it's been ages since i've done an art post

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i can't stop posting!!1

anyway i feel like doing some SKETCH REQUESTS

i'll take five

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NEW DAILY SKETCH COMM (name courtesy of tiger)

i'll still put most of my art in this journal, but i just wanted a comm to put daily sketches in and keep track and encourage myself (and hopefully get encouragement/nagging from others). i need to stop going DUHH I SHOULD DRAW for weeks without actually doing anything.

i'm trying to decide if i should crosspost here? not every day, but at the end of every month or something. it'd be convenient for people who don't wanna watch that, but i worry it'd also render that comm a little useless.

but yeah, go watch it!!
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so i've been kind of inspired from those indie game packs where you set your own price, and i was thinking it might be neat to apply the same concept to art commissions. i would obviously wait until [ profile] supercharitygo is done for the year, but after that, would anyone be interested?

i'm trying to think of a way that would eliminate any risk of either party getting ripped off somehow. i would obviously give people progress shots to make sure it's what they have in mind, and then maybe once i'm done i'll give them a shot that has "example" written over or something, and once they pay then i remove it? it's the only way i can think of right now hahahah

so yeah, would you commission me if you got to set your own price? or commission me in general? be honest; i promise it won't offend me.

in NERD NEWS i got ace attorney: investigations and beyond good and evil in the mail the other day. i'm about halfway through AA:I, and, as someone who really didn't care for edgeworth before, i have to say that it's giving me a better opinion of him. i still think he's dull hahaha but i don't think he's a (total) ass like i did before.
but we'll see.

well i guess i better post some art )

ur gay

May. 22nd, 2010 02:32 am
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art [25] )

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lots of links to art tutorials and resource stuff. it'll help me keep things straight, and probably help some other people too.

here )

lemme know of any other good art stuff out there! also, linking to this is obviously fine.
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