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i've been really tired lately and it's hard to think about anything other than school. but if i can just survive one more week, then i'll be on break!

i'd like to do a big art dump of everything i've done since i last posted to lj, but that'll take time, and i'm about to go to bed. so in the meantime, here's that 2011 art summary meme everyone does around this time!

the stem on the big pumpkin looks like it's too thin from this photo, but that's just that it's a really dark green

i think i did pretty okay this year, and i can tell that i'm better than i was when the year started. i'm DEEEEEEFINITELY better than i was in 2010, so that's encouraging! i'm looking forward to improving even more in 2012.

the art summary from 2010, for comparison


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