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firstly: if you guys could start calling me "eren" instead of "dox" then that would be cool! i'm still getting used to it, but i think it'll be for the better.

secondly: man, another unproductive month for art. kind of a mix of not feeling like it, and then being too busy when i DO feel like it.

i need to draw belle more because i don't know how to draw her

tweaking tal's hair so it looks more like a mop.


bad phone picture of a panel from an art class project

poonchface.psd was in my unfinished folder since 2009
i don't know why

SPEAKING OF unfinished art, i cleaned out my unfinished folder since it had a lot of junk in it that i was never gonna finish, and all it was doing was taking space and makin' me guilty. so i wound up deleting pretty much all of it!

however, i put (most of) the things in a big huge collage for you guys. it was a huge relief to get all this out! i like the picture of the anime guy with the pipe, because i remember thinking it was the COOLEST THING I'VE EVER DRAWN and now it looks so dated hahaha
fun fact, though: that picture was actually a precursor to this, which wasn't done much later at all, if i remember right (i was 16 when i did that). style development is weird.

cool news: [ profile] supercharitygo now has a tumblr! it won't move there or anything, but it will get updates there so as to give it another venue to hopefully(???) attract more people. the lj community itself also underwent a makeover to get rid of that lame default layout. i'm thinking i'll tweak the icons/profile a bit to make it more matchy. ALSO, i made the profile more concise so it's less intimidating for newcomers. ALSO ALSO, people can now do smut because nobody actually cared about that rule (i was just worried about like real people posting their webcam tits or whatever, and i don't know why i didn't think of just going "hey don't do that" in the first place).
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