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"How's Your Father? Games"

me and [ profile] tigerboat started a game-making tumblr! we're gonna use it to dump concept art/ideas/etc for the games we come up with (either together or by ourselves). we talk about making video games a lot, and it's really exciting to have a blog for it. you should check it out! (most of the art i put in there won't be reposted anywhere else, omg. and mattie's contributing art too, obviously.)

you may have noticed i go by "eren" over there rather than "dox." i'm flip-flopping on this a LOT lol because i've used dox since i was like 14 and have gotten attached--which i know may be a bit silly--but at the same time, i'm starting to connect with eren more and am kind of feeling... embarrassed? i guess? with using an internet name? i keep going "but nuhhhh" at the thought of switching (and i'm sure the people who've known me for ages are going oh my god are they switching again), but there is a growing possibility that i will.

haha i didn't realize i kinda missed lj until i started writing this. sorry i've been so bad at updating this thing, guyyys

so how 'bout dat blizzard

Date: 2011-02-11 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So I guess you go with just one name at a time? And when you switch, you go wholly over to the new name. For me, when I start using a new name, it slowly becomes associated with the context in which I use it. Because I use different names for different purposes, some part of my identity belongs to each of my names.

So if you have a reason to keep both names, they can share you.


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