Dec. 26th, 2011

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oh, so THIS is what's going on with lj.

this (and all the things it links) makes a lot of really compelling reasons for moving to dreamwidth, and honestly, that's probably where i'm going to slowly migrate. i just wish that EVERYONE was going there, including all the comms and stuff, because as nice as DW is, it's still pretty quiet and has a bit of a different atmosphere.

but really, lj is just being so creepy right now, and there's something about this round of WE'RE GOING TO DREAMWIDTH threats that feels more certain (maybe because more of my friends are doing it, lmao). my plan is just to back up everything i had on this site, and i guess just use the crosspost feature on dreamwidth until either lj dies completely or everyone reluctantly moves back? I DON'T KNOW

i just don't wanna drift from anyone. for all the opportunities the internet gives you to keep in touch with people, sometimes i can find it oddly just as hard to as real life. when people start spreading out to different sites, it's like when your friend moves away--you might try and keep up for a while, but the frequency of that just slowly decreases until you've officially Lost Touch. i don't want that to happen!

god why am i awake ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS i had a great one, and to top it off i get to see my gf and my brother/his gf in a couple of days! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE IN OUR HOUSE i'm excited

(also i turned on custom comment layouts to save people some eye strain here)
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okay, let's see if crossposting's set up good.

i'm having trouble figuring out how i even want to do this. make a bunch of accounts to back things up on here, i guess? also, do i want to export sir_stache to this account, or get a fresh new start? SO MANY DECISIONS. i'm sort of thinking i might as well get a fresh start, but i have emotional attachments. and doesn't that spam you guys' friend pages?

i like dreamwidth though! it's cozy, and it's just samey enough for switching over to not feel too freaky. once i set things up a little more (icons, layout, etc) i'll feel more at home, but lately i haven't really had the time.

anyway in non-drama news, i have gone from rushing around over christmas to rushing around preparing for guests. i'd like to say i've been a total cleaning machine, but i've been recovering from a bad back lately, so it's more like i'm partly a cleaning machine and then i gotta recline for a while to ease discomfort. but i'm getting there! tonight i plan on finishing up tidying and putting cute christmas decorations in my room, and tomorrow i'm going to do a bunch of laundry and obsessively groom myself and finish doing whatever's left. once everyone's here i'm probably going to be mostly gone, aaaaaaaand then i'll be back in school. so i'm fairly booked, but i enjoy it. i was gonna draw up some christmas gifts for people, but as you may have guessed, those are probably gonna be late...!

there's... a lot i need to catch up on with you guys. i went to europe and i haven't even really talked about it with anyone. i've gotten so used to posting little quick lines of microblogging that it hardly even occurs to me to actually sit down and document things. twitter and tumblr are convenient, but you can't really go back and look at things like you can with a blog, and i really want to get back into not only doing that, but also just being more social in general. i used to really put myself out there and got somewhat well-known in some circles, and i miss having that. i've gotten so RECLUSIVE. i don't really have the time/patience to dedicate to these things like i used to, but i do plan on reaching out a little more, especially artwise.

aaaaanyway i really need to get back to cleaning, i've been taking way too long of a break. i'll talk to you soon, lj/dw.

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